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Spark plugs

From 2.13€

The fundamental components that ignite the air-fuel mixture and ultimately power all gasoline engines.


These provide the ultimate performance for your engine. They’re high-quality, reliable and their advanced materials and design provide superior anti-fouling characteristics, which reduce carbon build-up over a wide heat range. “V Type” plugs include a thin centre electrode tip, which is made of precious metal for added corrosion and oxidation resistance. The result: fast, sure starts and less misfiring, even in the coldest weather.

  • Ribbed to eliminate flash-over and improve performance
  • Highest quality ceramic insulators improve heat dissipation and electrical insulation to provide long term durability
  • More Gaskets for peak performance
  • Deep-seated copper core provides maximum engine efficiency at high and low speeds
  • Projected insulator precision-engineered to prevent fouling and misfiring
  • Nickel alloy tip prevents fouling, maximises performance and extends plug life

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